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Doctoral Program in Business Management (Ph.D)

Part time Ph.D in Management Specially Designed for Working Executives

Some of the greatest intellectual challenges of our time are emerging from the broad fields of Business Management. Chitkara University’s Doctoral Program reflect the changing world of business, society and education. Tomorrow’s leaders will create opportunities by breaking down complex issues and discovering new knowledge through analytic reasoning and inquiry. Our Ph.D program prepares senior managers and executives to rigorously discover, describe, study and solve the practical problems they face every day in their careers. The program prepares you to approach problems as an evidence-based manager by using the tools and techniques of applied business research to issues relevant in your industry.Under the guidance of our Ph.D faculty, you will learn to build a program of research around today’s most important business challenges, and communicate the knowledge you generate to both professional and academic audiences.
Chitkara University’s Ph.D in Management in Punjab is one of the few management programs that prepare you to meet the challenges and opportunities in your profession and your organization and augment your capabilities as a researcher, scholar, manager, or consultant.

Doctoral Program Concentrations offered are:

Earning a doctoral degree in management empowers you to

  • Advance in senior management
  • Initiate a consulting practice
  • Launch an academic career
  • Value addition in your enterprise

Exploring innovative ideas with other experienced professionals guided by a renowned research faculty enables you to

  • Acquire theoretical knowledge
  • Develop analytical skills
  • Expand managerial perspectives
  • Cultivate new expertise
  • Explore innovative concepts
  • Enhance professional networks
  • Earn a respected credential

Program Framework

Deliverable – 1 | Submission of Application form
Deliverable – 2 | Acceptance by Chitkara Business School

After acceptance of the form, the admission process will be as follows

  • Written test
  • Personal Interview

The syllabus of written test will be communicated to you on e-mail.

Deliverable – 3 | Selection for Doctoral program

Once you are selected for the PhD Program at Chitkara University, you would need to deposit a fee of 50000/- towards registration and commencement of your course.

Deliverable – 4 | Course work

Every candidate should complete four courses before working on Doctoral Dissertation. Every course is held twice in a year and on the weekends. Course work dates for the year are announced ahead of schedule so that one can plan well in advance. Each course will normally be for four days duration including the weekends.

Deliverable 4(a) | Doctoral Seminar on Research Methodology

On completion of this course work, the candidate will be able to:

  • Understand nature and functions of research.
  • Understand basics of research methodology to include problem formation, hypothesis/ questions forming, research design, sampling techniques, data collection and analyze.
  • Understand basic APA formatting style to be used for the thesis.
  • Understand structure of journal article.
  • Knowledge about ethical practices in research.
Deliverable 4(b) | Doctoral Seminar on Advanced Research Methodology

On completion of the course work, the candidate will be able to:

  • Understand theory formulation.
  • Learn concepts of research design.
  • Understand fundamentals of data analysis.
  • Carry out factor analysis, analysis of variance, multiple regression, modeling, cluster and discriminant analysis.
  • Use of excel and SPSS for data analysis
Deliverable 4(c) | Doctoral Foundation Seminar in General Management

The course contains six modules on fundamental courses in the following subjects:

  • Marketing concepts and fundamentals.
  • Organizational Behaviour and HRM.
  • Finance and accounting
  • Corporate governance and business ethics
  • Corporate strategy and policy
  • Business environment
Deliverable 4(d) | Seminar on Doctoral concentration .

The course will cover the following:

  • Recent trends and contemporary issues in the candidate’s specialization.
  • Chosen subject of specialization.
Deliverable – 5 |Finalization of Research Proposal and approval.

This will commence immediately after a candidate successfully completes the course work (i.e. Deliverable 4). A suitable guide is allotted in case a candidate is not able to find a guide in the chosen area. The following process will be followed:

  • Extensive review of literature under guidance of the research supervisor.
  • Selection of a topic and alternative topic.
  • Preparation of research proposal.
  • Presentation research proposal to the Doctoral Research Committee (DRC).
  • Approval of proposal and commencement of research.
Deliverable – 6 |Progress Review Seminars

A minimum of three such seminars will be held in the University campus. The candidate will approach the guide for a suitable schedule. Objective of these seminars is to track progress on the research. One such seminar must be held every six months after the approval of Research Proposal.

Deliverable -7 | Pre-Thesis Seminar

A seminar delivered by the research scholar based on the research work conducted before the final thesis is submitted for evaluation.

Deliverable -8 | Publishing Tutorials

Each doctoral candidate is expected to publish a minimum of one research article in a domain specific refereed journal and present papers in at least two seminars / conferences during the entire research period.

Deliverable -9
Deliverable 9(a) | Final Thesis Submission

Each candidate will submit three copies of thesis for examiners evaluation. These will be accompanied by abstract and summary of the thesis as per detailed guide lines.

Deliverable 9(b) | Defense of Thesis

In case the thesis is found to meet university criteria and has been accepted by the examiners, candidates will be informed about the schedule for defense.

Deliverable 9(c) | Award of degree and convocation at the campus

After successful thesis completion degree will be awarded

Eligibility & Fees

Admission Eligibility:

A candidate is eligible for Admission and Registration for PhD programprovided he/ she has qualified:

  • For the award of Master’s Degree of any recognized University/other qualification in a relevant discipline. The minimum qualifying marks are 60% at Post Graduation level (55% in case of reserved categoriesand
  • In the Entrance Examination conducted by the University at the national level on the pattern of UGC followed by interview.

Age Limit
Candidate must not be more than 55 years of age on the date of the entrance test.

Phase Sub components



Rs 50,000

Course Work Research Methodology

Rs 20,000

Advanced Research Methodology

Rs 20,000

Doctoral Foundation Seminar

Rs 20,000

Doctoral Concentration Seminar


Submission of Research Proposal

Rs 50,000

Progress Seminar – I

Rs 20,000

Progress Seminar – II


Progress Seminar – III

Rs 20,000

Pre Thesis Seminar

Rs 20,000

Thesis Submission and defense

Rs 50,000

How to apply

  • The admission to PhD program is on rolling basis (3-4 times in a year)
  • Download Brochure
  • Download and fill application form and submit it with a fee of 2100/- in the admission office. You will be notified on phone/email, wherever the next entrance test scheduled.

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