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China Medical University, International Summer Program 2013

Healthcare students Mr Puneet Goyal and Ms. Rashpinder were nominated by Chitkara University to attend International Summer Program 2013, Taiwan at China Medical University, the program was free for students enrolled at Chitkara University.

Puneet said it was great opportunity for him to explore more about Healthcare and to Represent Chitkara University at International Level. continue..

China Medical University is one of the leading and most reputable university in Asia known for its academic excellence and medicine worldwide. Visiting CMU and being there as an international student was like pursuing my dream. It was a great opportunity for me and for those who all were a part of International Summer Program (ISP-2013) to learn and broaden their healthcare knowledge. It was a wonderful time to meet the healthcare students from different spheres of the world exchanging their ideas and getting acquainted with one another.

In addition to studies, there are a lot many places of attraction to visit in CMU, noteworthy among them are Lifu Museum of Chinese Medicine, Centre for Faculty Development, Computer Centre, Centre for Continuing Education, Arts Centre, Language Education Centre, Acupuncture Research Centre, Biostatistics Centre, Research Centre for Biodiversity, Biotechnology Incubation Centre, Chinese Herb Experimental Farm, China Medical University Hospital, Cancer Research Centre.

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