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Semester Exchange Program @ Korea University, Sejong Campus

Kanika Kanda a student of B.E ECE is currently pursuing her 7th Semester at Korea University, Sejong Campus is awarded scholarship for her semester.
From day one since she has landed to Korea is winning prizes in every event and is known as GEM as told by International representative of Korea University.
During the International day This ambassador of Chitkara University emphasized on Chitkara University Vision and Mission: “Social and Cultural Sensitivity”, “Academic Excellence” and “Leadership”

Kanika shares her experience :
My experience at Korea University, Sejong Campus has provided me the opportunity to explore my potential and also showcase the excellent opportunities available at Chitkara University. While at Sejong I have learned a tremendous amount about myself and the world around me. By traveling to South Korea, a country I have never visited:

  • I have grown my global network by forging positive friendships with students from all around the world.
  • Learned to creatively solve problems
  • Dramatically increased my self confidence
  • Gained a better appreciation of other cultures
  • Am now extremely more confident to face challenges in the future
  • Better understand my personal strengths

During International day I became an ambassador of Chitkara University. Many students were drawn to the Chitkara University exhibit by the large posters that me and my team created. We set up a booth and engaged students by telling them about the benefits of the university and emphasizing the positives of the Chitkara when they asked us questions about the university.

Numerous students appreciated the Universities emphasis on “Social and Cultural Sensitivity”, “Academic Excellence” and “Leadership”. Many students are interested in the exchange program with Chitkara University

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